Table 1.

Arterial PCO2 values measured throughout the long-term facilitation protocol in experimental groups

Experimental group PaCO2(mmHg)BaselineHypoxic stimulus (FiO2 = 0.11)30 min posthypoxic60 min posthypoxic
Hyperoxic control45464545
 (n = 7)(1.4)(1.8)(1.5)(1.5)
 (n = 13)(1.0)(0.9)(1.0)(1.0)
 (n= 6)(0.7)(0.8)(0.6)(0.4)
Bilateral cervical dorsal42.7444242.4
 rhizotomy (n = 6)(0.8)(1.0)(1.0)(0.7)
Bilateral cervical dorsal46444646
 rhizitomy + ketanserin(1.2)(1.8)(1.2)(1.2)
 (n = 6)
  • At all posthypoxic time points, PaCO2 was actively maintained within 1 mmHg of the baseline value or respiratory nerve activities were not included in the analysis. Data presented as means; corresponding SE values are in parentheses.

  • *Different from baseline (p < 0.05).