Table 2.

Maxima and coordinates of checkerboard-related brain activation

Left hemisphereRight hemisphere
Subject 1−8−76−1414.3710−78−814.43
Subject 2−26−70−1413.874−92814.19
Subject 3−14−80−1212.4924−762013.24
Subject 4−18−96812.4412−82−612.70
Subject 5−6−70−413.7120−802014.18
Control 1−6−92−212.5312−92012.57
Control 2−6−78−615.160−92815.55
  • Talairach coordinates (x, y, z) and maxima (Z-score) relative to the commonalities in brain activation (conjunction analysis) in the contrast “checkerboard” versus “blank screen” in normal, high, and low arousal (for the experimental subjects) and in three sessions of normal arousal (for the control subjects).