Table 2.

Summary of results from all three recording sites (cat retinal ganglion, cat LGN, and monkey V1)

Recording siteSpike trains Cells
All stimuliHigh-contrast stimuli
Retina342130  (38%)3926  (67%)3121  (68%)
LGN32276  (24%)3617  (47%)2814  (50%)
V19221  (19%)197  (37%)199  (47%)
  • For each recording site, we tabulate the fraction of spike trains that had power ratios outside the SMRP range. We also tabulate the fraction of cells that fired such non-SMRP spike trains in response to drifting–grating stimuli of a wide range of contrasts, most of which were below 40%, and also in response to stimuli of high contrast (>40%) alone.