Table 2.

Ca2+ channel α1-subunit mRNA detected in single neurons

Pn 1P18+
Pn 2+P18+
Pn 3+P18+
Pn 4+P18+
Gc 1+P6+++
Gc 5+P6++
Gc 6+P6++++
Mn 2P4+++
Mn 3P4+
Mn 4P4+++
Mn 6P4++
Mn 8P4+
Mn 9+P4+++
Mn 10+P4+
Mn 11P4++
Mn 13+P2++
Mn 14P2++++
Mn 15P2+++
Mn 16P3+++
Mn 18P3+++
Mn 20P4++
Mn 21+P4+++
Mn 23P1+++
Mn 24+P1+++
Mn 25P2+++
Mn 26P2+++
Mn 30+P4++
Mn 31+P2++
Mn 32P2+++
  • Pn, Purkinje neuron; Gc, hippocampal dentate gyrus granule cell; Mn, facial motoneuron. The column labeled nucleus indicates whether the nucleus was harvested together with the cytoplasm.