Table 2.

Effects of various inhibitors on SR 80037A activity

DrugsTargetsSomaDendrite length
GenesteinTyrosine kinase RNoNo
EGFR1068Y-PSH2 domain of Grb2 (Williams et al., 1997; Fig. 4)NoNo
FGFR766Y-PSH2 domain of the PLCγ (Hall et al., 1996)NoNo
Transgenic FGF-R1 animalsFGF-R (Fig. 4)NoNo
Pertussis toxin (PTX)Gi and Go (Fig. 4)YesYes
V-PKCi peptidePKC (PKN) (Theodore et al., 1995; Fig.5)YesYes
  • This table summarizes the results obtained with SR 80037A and various compounds (genestein at 100 μm, EGF1068Y-P at 5 μg/ml, FGFR766Y-P at 1 μg/ml, PTX at 0.5 μg/ml, V-PKCi at 0.5 μm, and staurosporine at 0.1 μm). No and Yes mean no inhibition or inhibition, respectively, of SR 80037A effect on soma spreading and dendrite elongation.