Table 1.

Number and distance of tumor cell clusters from the main tumor mass

0.5–1.0 mm>1.0 mm
9L-GFP1.67  ± 0.760.33  ± 0.33
9L-BEHAB/brevican1.69  ± 0.770.15  ± 0.10
9L-HABD8.33  ± 2.028.75  ± 3.70
  • The number of cell clusters located 0.5–1 mm and over 1 mm from the main tumor mass was counted for all of the tumors in this experiment (one random section per tumor; n = 6 independent tumors for 9L-GFP; n = 12 for 9L-BEHAB/brevican; and n = 14 for 9L-HABD). Two different transfected lines were used for each of the noncontrol transfectants. The HABD fragment markedly increased the number of cell clusters seen distant to the main tumor mass. The full-length BEHAB/brevican protein had no effect on cell infiltration into surrounding brain over that observed for the control 9L-GFP construct. The difference between the 9L-HABD versus the control 9L-GFP and 9L-BEHAB/brevican transfectants was statistically different at thep < 0.01 level. Data shown here are the grouped averages of the number of cell clusters ± SEM.