Table 1.

Arbors reconstructed in normal and MD animals

Normal animalsMD animals
Exp.Age at perfusionArborsExp.Days of deprivationAge at perfusionDeprived arborsNondeprived arbors
mo1P35mo1a, mo1bD217P37d2nda, d2ndb, d2ndc, d2ndc
mo2P35mo2a, mo2b, mo2c, mo2dD719P39d7nda, d7ndb
mo2e, mo2f, mo2g, mo2hD318P39d3a, d3b
mo3P40mo3a, mo3b, mo3c, mo3dD519P39d5a, d5b
mo4P60mo4a, mo4b, mo4c, mo4d, mo4eD819P39d8a, d8b
D136P56d1nda, d1ndb, d1ndc, d1ndd
D639P59d6nda, d6ndb
D439P60d4da, d4db
d4ndc, d4ndd
D944P64d9da, d9db