Table 1.

Presence of mRNA in axons

mRNA forAnimalReference
β-actinrat brainBassell et al., 1998
β-actinchick neuronsOlink-Coux and Hollenbeck, 1996
β-actinsquid axonKaplan et al., 1992
β-tubulinsquid axonKaplan et al., 1992
neurofilamentgold fish brainWeiner et al., 1996
neurofilamentsquid axonCrispino et al., 1993
taurat brainLitman et al., 1993
kinesinsquid axonGioio et al., 1994
neuropeptidesrat brainMohr et al., 1991
enolasesquid axonChun et al., 1995
pA6squid axonChun et al., 1997