Table 1.

Phenotypes in TOLL and FAS3 misexpressor embryos

GenotypeRP3 growth cone (Lucifer yellow)Innervation at 6/7 (mAb 1D4)
ntarget 6/7stallmistargetnpresentabsent
Wild type
 +/+; +/+11100% 0% 0%10094%6%
Group A (steep dosage disparity)
TOLL/TOLL; +/+141-a 14%86% 0%12146%54%
 +/+;FAS3/FAS3111-b 18%18%64%12045%55%
Group B (intermediate dosage parity)
Group C (dosage parity)
TOLL/TOLL;FAS3/FAS313 84% 8% 8%12690%10%
  • Note that single cell analysis with Lucifer yellow injection allows for a more reliable description of RP3 phenotype than mAb 1D4 immunocytochemistry (see text). χ2 analyses on immunocytochemical data from the three groups show that they are significantly independent (p < 0.0005). No difference was present between members of the same group. Thus, there is an inverse relationship between the dosage disparity ofTOLL and FAS3 transgenes and the frequency of 6/7 innervation. TOLL, Mhc′-TOLL; FAS3, Mhc′-FAS3; n/a, data not available.

  • F1-a From Rose et al., 1997.

  • F1-b From Kose et al., 1997.