Table 1.

Quantitation of Staufen labeling in hippocampal neurons

Compartment# of gold particles (mean ± SEM)% of gold particles (mean ± SEM)
Dendrites13.4  ± 1.594  ± 2%
Axons1.0  ± 0.46  ± 2%
Staufen association with
 Intracellular membranes52 of 13438  ± 4.5%
 Microtubules30 of 3296  ± 4.2%
  • Random electron micrographs were chosen for this quantitation. In the first row, gold particles within 10 axons and dendrites were counted and expressed as average numbers of gold particles. In the second row, numbers of gold particles were listed that were found to be associated with intracellular membranes (most likely ERs) and MTs.