Table 2.

Number of BrdU-positive cells/mm2 in 48 hr cultured ganglia

Control23.4  ± 4.211.8  ± 1.4
VEGF38.5  ± 5.119.1  ± 2.6
  • Number of BrdU-positive cells/mm2 of 10-μm-thick coronal sections. Values are mean ± SEM and obtained from two separate experiments. N = 50 (number of sections counted obtained from five animals). A typical section had an area of 0.53 mm2 for SCG and 0.59 mm2 for DRG. No significant difference of area was found between experiment and control for either SCG or DRG using Student’s t test. Note that SCG was exposed to 50 ng/ml and DRG to 100 ng/ml VEGF.

  • *p < 0.05.