Table 1.

Simulation parameters

Area 17 parameter setsSpatial frequencies PEmbedded Imageficorresponding to mean of P() (cycles/deg)SDs of position shifts (°)
Central (0–4°)𝒩(0.2, 0.3)1-a0.820.501-c0.521-c
Mildly peripheral (8–12°)𝒩(0.7, 0.3)1-a0.500.791-c0.341-c
Reverse correlation data𝒩(1.1, 0.3)1-b0.33UnknownUnknown
  • Note: 𝒩 (μ, ς) represents a normal distribution with mean μ, SD ς.

  • F1-a  Fit to data from Movshon et al. (1978a).

  • F1-b  Fit to data from DeAngelis et al. (1995a) andAnzai et al. (1997).

  • F1-c  Joshua and Bishop (1970).