Table 3.

Comparison of model regressions

RectangleMinimum accelerationYarbus modelMinimum jerkMinimum snapMinimum variance
T3 = 0 msecT3 = 4 msecT3 = 10 msec
M1 versus 1/T1.001.441.501.842.24−1.971.44−4.661.81−3.841.89
M2 versus 1/T2.002.462.502.903.32−1.522.48−4.102.92−2.832.95
M3 versus 1/T3.003.483.503.944.38−1.213.49−3.433.95−2.193.97
M2 versus M12.001.711.671.581.481.871.723.421.613.151.56
M3 versus M13.002.422.332.141.963.572.436.772.185.872.10
M3 versus M21.501.411.401.361.320.931.412.121.361.631.35
  • The predicted regression slopes and intercepts (incpt) are summarized for all eight models. Only the MV models have non-zero intercepts. The zero intercepts for the other models are not shown.