Table 1.

Occurrence of anatomical defects in GF axons

GenotypeGFs examined1-a% with abnormal morphology
UAS–lacZ; A307/UAS–GlΔ846898.5
w; c17,UAS–lacZ/UAS–GlΔ844192.7
UAS–lacZ; A307/UAS–GlΔ96B66100
w; c17,UAS–lacZ/UAS–GlΔ96B11100
UAS–lacZ; A307;Gl1/TM6B482
  • F1-a Each GF was scored individually. In most preparations, two axons clearly stained and were scored accordingly; however, occasionally only one GF could be scored with confidence.

  • F1-b Animals that contained either A307 or c17 with a UAS–lacZ reporter construct.