Table 1.

Distribution of α1G/α1H/α1I mRNA

Brain regionα1Gα1Hα1I
Olfactory system
 Olfactory bulb
  Glomerular layer+bt+++
  Granule cell layer++++++++++++
 Anterior olfactory nucleus+++++++
 Olfactory tubercle+++++++
 Islands of Calleja+++++++++++
Basal forebrain
 Globus pallidusbtbtbt
 Subthalamic nucleus++bt/++++
 Septum/diagonal band+/++bt/+bt/+
 Indusium griseum++++++bt
 Bed nucleus of the stria terminalis+/++++++/++bt/+
 Central nucleus+/+++bt
 Medial nucleus++/++++/++bt/+
 Lateral nucleus+/++++
 Basolateral/basomedial nuclei++++
 Cortical amygdaloid nuclei+/++++++
 Nucleus of the lateral olfactory tract+++++++++
 Amygdalohippocampal area++++++
 Amygdalopiriform transition area+++++
Cerebral cortex
  Layers II/III++bt/++
  Layer IV+++bt++
  Layer V+++++
  Layer VI++/+++bt+
 Piriform cortex++/++++++/bt+++/bt
 Tenia tecta++++++++++
 Pyramidal cell layers
  Field CA1++++++++++
  Field CA2++++++++
  Field CA3++++++++++
 Granule cell layer of the dentate gyrus++++++++
 Polymorph layer of the dentate gyrus++++++
 Principal relay nuclei+++btbt/+
 Intralaminar nuclei+++++/+++btbt/+
 Geniculate nuclei++btbt/+
 Reticular thalamic nucleusbt+++++
 Lateral habenular nucleus+/+++bt++/+++
 Preoptic nuclei++/+++++
 Suprachiasmatic nucleus++/+++++
 Supraoptic nucleus+btbt
 Lateral hypothalamic area++bt
 Paraventricular nucleus++bt
 Arcuate nucleus++++
 Dorsomedial/ventromedial nuclei++/++++/+++
 Mammillary nuclei+/+++/+++/++
Mibrain and pons
 Superior/inferior colliculus++/+++
 Periaqueductal gray+++bt
 Tegmental nuclei+++/+btbt/+
 Raphe nuclei+bt/+bt
 Substantia nigrabt/+bt/+bt
 Interpeduncular nucleus+++++
 Parabrachial nuclei++/++bt
Cerebellum and inferior olive
 Granule cell layer
 Purkinje cell layer+++++btbt
 Molecular layer+btbt
 Deep cerebellar nuclei+btbt
 Inferior olive+++++btbt/++
Medulla and spinal cord
 Spinal trigeminal nuclei++/+bt/+bt/+
 Nucleus of the solitary tract+++bt
 Cochlear nuclei+++/++bt/+bt/+
 Gracile/cuneate nuclei++/++bt
 Somatic motor neurons+++bt
 Area postrema+++++
 Reticular fieldsbt/+btbt/+
 Pineal gland+++++bt
 Sensory ganglia+++++++/+
 Superior cervical ganglia+btbt
  • In situ hybridization signals were determined based on relative optical density of film autoradiograms, as well as silver grain density over cells from emulsion-dipped sections.

  • +++++, Highest levels of labeling; ++++, very high; +++, high; ++, moderate; +, low levels; bt, below the threshold limit for detection.

  • Note the heterogeneity of labeling within a number of regions; see corresponding sections in Results for details.