Table 2.

Electrical characteristics of SON neurons

Resting potential (mV)−59.6  ± 5.7
Rn (MΩ)2-a234  ± 49.6
t (msec)2-b26.7  ± 15.7
Spike threshold (mV)−43.7  ± 6.3
Spike amplitude (mV)56.1  ± 11.7
  • Characteristics of SON neurons (n = 23) recorded whole-cell in brainstem slices. Mean ± SD. Input resistance was calculated from the slope of I–V function in response to hyperpolarizing current injection. The response to −0.1 nA current injection was fit to double exponential curve, and the time constant was calculated based on the faster exponential. Spike threshold was measured as the voltage at which the rapid upstroke of the action potential began. Spike amplitude was calculated as the peak voltage of the action potential minus the spike threshold.

  • F2-a Rn = input resistance.

  • F2-b t = time constant.