Table 1.

The number of brains reacted and examined are shown for each stage of the process

ConditionNumber of heterozygote transgenicsCases expressing transgeneCases sectioned and inspectedCases quantified
D1 spared 16 hr (cortex) 4017124
D1 spared 16 hr (thalamus)30
D1 spared 7 d 20996
All deprived 16 hr 20444
Undeprived 27744
  • The left-hand column gives the total number of brains reacted from animals genotyped as transgenic for LacZ. Not all of these brains reacted, as shown in column 2. Overall, 35% of the cases reacted. Almost all cases that reacted were sectioned either coronally or horizontally and inspected as shown in column 3. Most but not all of these could be quantified as shown in column 4. The most common reason for not being able to quantify cases was that the D1 barrel could not be identified from the propidium iodide-stained sections. The thalamic sections were not quantified because no LacZ-positive cells were found in VPm nuclei.