Table 1.

Extraocular and jaw muscles in the zebrafish

Region and musclesAbbreviationInnervation
 Superior obliquesoIV
 Inferior oblique1-aio1-aIII
 Superior rectussrIII
 Inferior rectusirIII
 Medial rectusmrIII
 Lateral (posterior) rectus1-blr1-bVI
Mandibular arch
 Intermandibularis anteriorimaV
 Intermandibularis posteriorimpV
 Abductor mandibulaeamV
 Levator arcus palatinilapV
 Dilator operculidoV
Hyoid arch
 Abductor hyomandibulaeahVII
 Abductor operculiaoVII
  • Nomenclatures are according to Schilling and Kimmel (1997).

  • F1-a The inferior oblique (io) muscle, which is normally innervated by the third nerve, appears not to be innervated by the GFP-labeled fibers between 72 and 96 hr in the Isl1-GFP line, suggesting that, among nIII neurons, those supplying the io do not express GFP. The rest of three muscle groups (mr, sr, and ir) are innervated by the GFP-labeled fibers by 72 hr.

  • F1-b GFP is not expressed in the abducens motor (nVI) neurons in the Isl1-GFP line. Consequently, the lateral rectus (lr) muscle is not innervated by the GFP-labeled fibers.