Table 1.

Clinical and MS lesion data of patients included in NG2 and p75 studies

Patients and disease categoryAge/genderDisease durationAutolysisLesion number analyzedLesion activity
ActiveChronic activeChronic inactive
MS-1 SP53 /M22 years5 hr180216
MS-2 SP69 /F46 years 4.5 hr4004
MS-3 RR43 /M 9 months3 hr1100
MS-4 SP43 /M 9 years7 hr3012
MS-5 PP32 /M10 months14 hr1100
MS-6 PP18 /F 2 weeks<24 hr10460
MS-7 SP56 /F26 years48 hr1100
MS-8 PP35 /F2 weeks<24 hr4040
MS-9 PP29 /F 5 years<24 hr1010
MS-10 RR48 /F18 years35 hr3021
MS-11 PP36 /M 4 years<24 hr2200
MS-12 SP49 /F 7 years6 hr7430
Normal controls
 Cardiac arrest52 /M16 hr
 Cardiac arrest91 /F9 hr
 SSPE8 /M 2 years20 hr
 Epilepsy27 /F18 hr
 Devic's70 /F6 hr
 Primary CNS54 /M 2 years6 hr
  • SP, Secondary progressive, RR, relapsing/remitting, PP, primary progressive, * other neurological diseases.

  • In all, 55 lesions from 12 MS cases were analyzed. First five cases and all controls with short fixation time were studied for NG2 reactivity. All cases and controls were studied for p75 reactivity.