Table 1.

Aggressive behavior before and during microdialysis testing

Aggression testnAttack latencyBite frequencyAggressive duration
Pretest 129200 (21)7.7 (1.0)n.m.
Pretest 231120 (14)8.3 (1.1)n.m.
NAC18148 (38)3.1 (0.8)151 (26)
PFC15155 (27)2.4 (0.5)106 (18)
  • Resident males confronted a smaller male intruder in their home cage for 5 min (premicrodialysis tests) or 10 min (microdialysis tests). The frequency of attack bites, latency to the first attack, and total duration of aggressive acts and postures are listed, with latencies and durations given in seconds. Aggressive behavior during microdialysis is presented for the NAC and PFC subgroups. Note that the NAC group contained animals with bilateral implantations, which were sampled on two separate occasions. Data are expressed as averages ± SEM. n.m., Not measured.