Table 2.

ED50 values (and 95% confidence limits) for DAMGO microinjected in the RVM of rats that received an intraplantar injection of saline or CFA

Intraplantar treatment intervalIntraplantar salineIntraplantar CFA
4 hr10.713.60.655.5**
4 d16.223.70.212-a9.2*
2 weeks17.618.50.022-a1.9**2-a
  • ED50 values are expressed as nanograms. Asterisks indicate ED50 values for the contralateral, uninflamed hindpaw of CFA-treated rats that differ from that of the contralateral, noninflamed hindpaw of saline-treated rats: *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01.

  • F2-a Indicates ED50 values that significantly differ from the previous time point, p < 0.01.