Table 1.

Spontaneous activity in afferent neurons supplying muscle or skin

Exp. groupAfferent neurons projecting into GS nerveAfferent neurons projecting into sural nerve
A neuronsC neuronsA neuronsC neurons
E129/142 (20.4%)0/320 /1260 /140
E230/136 (22.1%)2/59 (3.4%)0 /1520 /487
E319/101 (18.8%)0/170 /150 /11
E4 1/92 (1.1%)0/300 /660 /54
  • Number of DRG neurons exhibiting spontaneous activity/total number of neurons in the group. Experimental groups: E1, GS and sural n. cut; E2, tibial, peroneal, sural and GS n. cut; E3, GS n. intact, tibial, peroneal, sural n. cut; E4, no nerve cut. A/C-neuron, DRG neuron with myelinated/unmyelinated axon.