Table 1.

Brain areas with c-Fos staining that have afferent and/or efferent projections to the corresponding areas showing IGF-I staining

Areas with c-Fos stainingAreas with IGF-I staining
Piriform cortex →Thalamus
Hippocampus: dentate gyrus →Hippocampus: pyramidal cell layer
Striatum →Striatum
Arcuate and paraventricular nuclei →Supraoptic nucleus
Preoptic and supraoptic nuclei →Brain stem
Vestibular nuclei →Cerebellum: Purkinje cells
Cerebral cortex
Gigantocellular reticular and lateral reticular nuclei →Cerebellum: central cerebellar nuclei, granule cell layer
Olivary nuclei
Cerebral cortex
Red nucleus
Cerebellar cortex: granule cell layer →Cerebellar cortex: Purkinje cells
  • The → denotes connections to the corresponding IGF-I-positive area shown in the right column.