Table 2.

Estimated hSOD1 concentration in the hSOD1-positive cells in the spinal cords of transgenic animals

LinehSOD1 in whole spinal cord2-aPositive cells per spinal cord2-b section (%)hSOD1 per positive cell2-cHuman/mouse SOD1 ratioAge of onset of disease
G37R-315617.9 ng/100 μg  2.28.1 ng/μg4.3No disease
G37R-401224.8 ng/100 μg  4.75.3 ng/μg2.8No disease
SOD1-43056.3 ng/100 μg  2.72.3 ng/μg1.2No disease
G37R29NA  1002-dNA4–52-c6–8 months2-d
G93A-G1NAÉ1002-e4.1 ng/μg2-e2.22-d5 months2-e
  • F2-a The human SOD1 concentration in mouse spinal cord was estimated from Western blots.

  • F2-b Surface area occupied by cells staining positive for human SOD1 in mouse spinal cord was estimated from immunostained sections of spinal cord of transgenic animals, using the LAP2-10AP antibody.

  • F2-c The human SOD1 concentration per total protein in the hSOD1-positive cell in the spinal cord of transgenic animals as estimated from the results from Western blotsa and from immunocytochemistryb.

  • F2-d Data as published (Wong et al., 1995).

  • F2-e Data as published (Gurney et al., 1994).