Table 1.

List of the RRL/EGL clones

Embryo1-aInject (stage)1-bHarvest1-cRRL/EGL clone1-dOrigin1-eNo. Hb sib (cell type)1-fHb sib location1-gNo. unrelated clones1-h
JZ-210E8JZ2-10-3Medial3 picks (u)LC, PRNil
JZ-1010E8JZ10-4Medial6 picks (n, m, u)LC, PR4 Hb
E8JZ10-19Medial2 picks (n, m, u)LC, PR
JZ-510E8JZ5-1NF3 picks (n, u) and − areaPR1 Hb
E8JZ5-2NF3 picks (n, u)PR, other
LC5-511E8–E9LC5-5-9-1Midline2 picks (n)Isth7Hb, 1Hb + DCN, 1 DCN, 4Cb
JL36-1310E9JL36-13-6-3Lateral8 picks (n, m, u)VN, LC?Nil
JL39-212E9.5JL39-2-9D-13LateralNoneNA3 Cb
JL32-268E10JL32-26-11Lateral1 pick & − areaPR5 Hb
JL33-3010E11–E12JL33-30-3-8Lateral3 picks (n, u)LC, PR1 Isth, 1 Hb
JL33-4210E11–E12JL33-42-4-16LateralNoneNA1 Hb + DCN
JL40-1212E15JL40-12-6B-7NFNoneNA2 Hb, 1 Cb glia
JG24-412E18JG24-4-3-8NFNoneNA8 Pkj, 2 P + G, 1 DCN, 2 −
JG24-812E18JG24-8-4-2NFNoneNA1 P + G, 2 Cb glia
JL32-710E18JL32-7-9-2NFNoneNA2 Hb
JL35-410E18JL35-4-3-1NF1 pick (n)PIN4 Hb, 2 (−)
JL35-1710E18JL35-17-9-1NF1 pick (n)PIN1 Isth, 1 Hb, 1 Cb glia
  • The list shows all of the RRL/EGL clones in this study, as defined by PCR sequencing of the CHAPOL retroviral genome (see Materials and Methods).

  • F1-a Number assigned to the embryo.

  • F1-b HH stage of retroviral injection.

  • F1-c Embryonic day of harvest.

  • F1-d Number of the RRL/EGL clone. The RRL/EGL clones that contained progeny outside the cerebellum proper are shown in bold type.

  • F1-e The origin of a given clone is designated according the relative position along the width of the RRL, as midline, medial, or lateral. When no discernible origin in the RRL or the posterior margin of the cerebellum was observed, either because of a loss of tissue or because of maturity of the clone, the origin of the clone is designated NF (not found).

  • F1-f Number of cell picks in the hindbrain or isthmus region that were derived from an RRL/EGL clone with the tentative identity of the cell type(s) in the parenthesis. n, Neuron; m, migrating cell; u, unidentified; −, AP-negative pick.

  • F1-g Tentative localization of the RRL/EGL progeny in the hindbrain or isthmus region. Isth, Isthmus; LC, locus ceruleus; PIN, parvocellular isthmic nucleus; PR, pontine reticular formation; VN, vestibular nuclei; NA, not applicable.

  • F1-h Clones not lineally related to the RRL/EGL clone. Cb, Cerebellar VZ clone; Cb glia, cerebellar glial clone; P, Purkinje cell clone; P + G, Purkinje cell and glial clone; DCN, clone in the deep cerebellar nuclei; Hb, hindbrain-restricted clone; Isth, isthmus-restricted clone; −, AP-negative tissue pick. It should be noted that two clones were found to contain both neurons in the deep cerebellar nuclei and neurons in the vestibular nuclei in the hindbrain, thus designated Hb + DCN.