Table 1.

Proportion of GC neurons with taste-specific responses, by three different analysis methods

Analysis method% (number) of cells with taste-specific responses (n = 90)
Overall firing rate average (2.5 sec)
 Total14.4%  (13)
 Excitatory10%  (9)
 Inhibitory4.4%  (4)
Binned responses (500 msec)
 Total33.3%  (30)
 Time course only18.9%  (17)
 Both time course and overall rate8.9%  (8)
 Total by time course27.8%  (25)
 Overall firing rate only5.5%  (5)
Continuous estimate of firing rate
 Total41.1%  (37)
 Running average only26.7%  (24)
 Both running average and overall rate8.9%  (8)
 Total by running average35.6%  (32)
 Overall firing rate only5.5%  (5)