Table 2.

The C terminus is not involved in steroidal inhibition

Human WTRat WTHuman with Rat CTRat with Human CT
1 μm ACh plus 15 μmPROG0.16  ± 0.10  (n = 4)0.08  ± 0.02  (n = 5)0.12  ± 0.11  (n = 4)0.13  ± 0.18  (n = 3)
  • CT, C terminus; WT, wild type. The italic letter appearing before the CT sequence indicates the species origin for the subunit (h, human; r, rat). Inhibition by steroids co-applied with agonist results in a reduced peak response followed by an additional rapid reduction in response to a steady-state level of block. Inhibition is indicated by the ratio of the steady-state response to 1 μm ACh plus 15 μm PROG versus the peak response from 1 μm ACh alone. The SD and the n value are also indicated.