Table 1.

Specific values for images depicted in Figures 2-4, for each of four orientations

NAperture interval (degree)Band interval (mm)Magnification (mm/degree)V/HL/R
Macaque 163
Macaque 252
Macaque 3 (anterior)102
Macaque 3 (posterior)51
Squirrel monkey24
Owl monkey24
  • Mask interval indicates the interval between apertures in degrees. Band interval indicates the average distance for one cycle of dark and light bands in each cortical region. Magnification values are calculated by dividing band interval (column 2) by mask interval (column 1). V/H and L/R indicate the ratio of vertical to horizontal and left to right oblique line segments averaged over all quadrangles in each iso-azimuth/iso-elevation grid (Fig. 10b).