Table 1.

Primary antibodies used in the study

ProteinAntigenaAntibodySourceCharacterized inDilution
Synaptophysin1–307  (307)SVP-38SigmaDevoto and Barnstable (1987)1:2000
NR2A/B1408–1424  (1424)AB1548ChemiconPetralia et al. (1994)1:2000
PSD-9577–299  (724)77-299Upstate BiotechnologyKim et al. (1995)1:25
nNOS1–200  (1429)Z-RNNZymedChristopherson et al. (1999)1:3000
CRIPT41–58  (101)97/3M. ShengNiethammer et al. (1998)1:200
GKAP744–964  (964)C9589M. ShengKim et al. (1997)1:200
Shank469–691  (1740)56/8M. ShengNaisbitt et al. (1999)1:50
DLC35–50  (89)95.5M. ShengNaisbitt et al. (2000)1:300
  • a Numbers identify position of antigen in the polypeptide chain. The total number of amino acids in the protein is in parentheses.