Table 1.

Forebrain 1-a distribution of leptin- and interleukin-6 (IL-6)-induced nuclear STAT3 immunoreactivity 1-b compared with basal nuclear STAT3 expression in the control

Forebrain1-astructuresCytokine-induced nuclear STAT3 labeling1-b
i.c.v. Leptini.c.v. IL-6Control
 Anterior hypothalamic area (AHA)++
 Arcuate nucleus (ARC)+++++
 Dorsal hypothalamic area (DA)++++
 Dorsomedial nucleus (DMH)++++
 Lateral hypothalamic area (LHA)++++
 Mammillary body
  medial parts++
  lateral parts+++
 Medial preoptic area (MPO)+++
  Ventromedial preoptic nucleus (VMPO)++++
 Median preoptic nucleus (MnPO)++
 Paraventricular nucleus (PVN)++
 Periarcuate area (PAA)+++++
 Perifornical area (PFA)++
 Periventricular nucleus (PE)+++
 Posterior hypothalamic area (PA)++++
 Retrochiasmatic area (RCH)++++
 Subfornical organ (SFO)
  near to the big lateral vessels+
 Suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN)++
 Supraoptic nucleus (SON)+++
 Vascular organ of the lamina terminalis (OVLT)
  lateral parts++
 Ventromedial nucleus (VMH)++++
Septal and basal telencephalic regions
 Bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BNST)
 Lateral preoptic area (LPO)
  only ventral parts++
 Lateral septum (LS)++
 Substantia innominata (SI)
 Ependymal lining of all ventricles+++++++
 Meninges, in particular at ventral sites+++++
  lateral ventricles (cannula side)+(+)++(+++)−(−)
  third ventricle++++
  fourth ventricle++
 Piriform cortex, layer I+II++++
 Probe site+++++++++
 Thalamic nuclei
  medial and lateral habenular nucleus++
  mediodorsal thalamic nuclei+++
  • F1-a  The nomenclature used is modified from that used by Paxinos and Watson (1997) and Swanson (1992).

  • F1-b  Relative values are given as qualitative estimates of the densities of nuclear STAT3 labeling. A four-point scale was used to rate the data: +++, high density; ++, moderate density; +, low density; −, no nuclear signal. The data are based on the light microscopical analysis of representative animals treated with 30 min intracerebroventicular (i.c.v.) application of leptin, IL-6, or pyrogen-free saline (Control).