Table 2.

Genomic content of hippocampal pyramidal cells

Spots per nucleus
Control (n = 4)36.4%  ± 6.263.6%  ± 6.20
Alzheimer's disease (n = 6)25.1%  ± 3.971.1%  ± 3.33.7%  ± 0.9
  • Cells were scored for the presence of fluorescent spots indicating the presence of one of four specific gene loci. Four hundred hippocampal cells were counted for each case, 100 cells from each of the four CA fields. Values represent the pooled findings from all cases and all probes expressed as the percentage of the total cells counted. Note that the frequency of cells with zero spots or with one to two spots is not significantly different and suggests no major technical difference in hybridization efficiency between Alzheimer's disease and control cells.