Table 1.

Patient characteristics of cases evaluated for active caspase-3-like immunoreactivity

CaseCause of deathTime to autopsyHIV statusNeuropsych testingNeuropathology
 1Hepatic failure4 hrHIV+ImpairedHIVE
 2Pneumonia24 hrHIV+ImpairedHIVE
 3Pneumonia24 hrHIV+ImpairedHIVE
 4Hepatic failure3 hrHIV+ImpairedHIVE
 5Pneumonia16 hrHIV+ImpairedHIVE
 6Pneumonia10 hrHIV+NormalNone
 7Sepsis14 hrHIV+NormalNone
 8Fungal sepsis24 hrHIV+NormalFungal vasculitis
 9Hepatic failure24 hrHIV−Not availableType II Alzheimer's gliosis
10Hepatic failure7 hrHIV−Not availableNone
  • The age range was 33–55 years. There was no significant difference in mean age or time to autopsy between patients with HIVE and controls. The cause of death for each HAD–HIVE case was also represented in the control group. HIV+, HIV positive; HIV−, HIV negative.