Table 3.

The effect of presynaptic and postsynaptic NarpN expression on endogenous Narp accumulation at axon–dendrite contacts in cultured spinal neurons

Presynaptic constructControlNarpNNarpN
Postsynaptic constructUntransfectedUntransfectedNarpN
Total # GluR2 clusters/# contacts (n = 3)54 /7234 /773-16023 /783-160
Total # Narp clusters/# contact (n = 3)29 /7218 /773-16011 /783-160
Narp + GluR2 + clusters (n = 3)23 /543-150 (42%)15 /343-150 (44%)8 /233-150 (35%)
  • Transfected spinal cultures were stained live with rabbit anti-Narp (AMCA) followed by permeabilized mouse anti-GluR2 (rhodamine). Consecutive contacts between axons transfected with either control or NarpN-expressing plasmids and dendrites from either untransfected or NarpN-transfected neurons were identified by the presence or absence of GFP staining and scored for the total number of Narp and/or GluR2 clusters in a blinded assay. The data were obtained from 20–30 contacts in each of three separate transfections.

  • F3-150 No significant difference from control (t test).

  • F3-160 p < 0.05 compared with control (t test).