Table 4.

A null mutation in the slowpoke potassium channel does not dramatically change overall activity levels

Rhythmicity (%) LDDDDD period (analyzed)Activity (total counts per day)
CS (70) (51)9401055
y w(72) (75)633863
slo I (59) (33)874795
slo 4 (78)6.424.469.20.029.570.5791665
slo 4/slo I (81)34.630.934.623.529.646.923.10 (19)1152731
Clkjrk(46)30.430.439.18.739.152.224.56 (3)10761491
per 0 (35)
  • Number of flies analyzed within each genotype is expressed in parentheses. Actograms were analyzed as described in Materials and Methods. R, WR, and AR stand for strongly rhythmic, weakly rhythmic and arrhythmic flies.