Table 2.

Percentage chimerism, normal, and deep ectopic placedscm Purkinje cells in five scm/scm↔ BALB/cJ chimeras

AnimalsRg+ (scm) PCs2-a% scmchimerism2-a%scm PCs2-a
Wild type0 0.0% 0.0%0000
Chimera 128 1.9% 5.8%5.5594.45.1589.25
Chimera 23711.7% 7.9%8.0591.9520.8571.1
Chimera 35949.3%15.4%5.0995.016.9578.0
Chimera 418239.6%36.2%5.494.67.4587.15
Chimera 525883.6%65.4%5.196.3529.367.05
  • PCs, Purkinje cells; E-total, total ectopic Purkinje cells; E-gl, ectopic among granule cell layer; E-int, ectopic in the intermediate site; E-d, ectopic in deep position; GCs, granule cells; NP, normal placed; Rg+, Ringo positive.

  • F2-a Average number of scrambler Purkinje cells, percentage scrambler chimerism in granule and Purkinje cell populations, and percentages scrambler Purkinje cells in normally placed (NP) and ectopic positions (E-total, E-gl-int, and E-d) are derived from four sections that are at a distance of 200 μm from each other in the medial cerebellum.