Table 3.

Ectopic wild-type Purkinje cells in fivescm/scm ↔ BALB/cJ chimeras

AnimalsTotal wt PCs3-a,3-cEctopic wt PCs3-a,3-b
Chimera 14411067 (1.6%)
Chimera 24233126 (1.4%)
Chimera 3323651021 (6.5%)
Chimera 4315612936 (11.4%)
Chimera 51301002030 (23.1%)
  • wt, Wild type; PCs, Purkinje cells; E-gl, ectopic among granule cell layer; E-int, ectopic in the intermediate site; E-d, ectopic in deep position; E-wt, ectopic wild type; E-total, total number of ectopic wild-type Purkinje cells.

  • F3-a Total number of wild-type Purkinje cells are means of four sections that are at a distance of 200 μm in the medial cerebellum.

  • F3-b wt, Wild-type Purkinje cells are Calb+/Rg/CV+.

  • F3-c The average total number of wild-type Purkinje cells found in ectopic positions. In parentheses is the percentage of total wild-type Purkinje cells that are ectopically placed.