Table 3.

αCtxMII inhibition of [3H]epibatidine binding on superior colliculus and striatal membranes

Total [3H]epibatidine binding (fmol/mg protein)αCtxMII sensitive population (fmol/mg protein)Ki (nm)
Wt (SC)173.4  ± 9.659.7  ± 3.8ND
α6−/−(SC)102.0  ± 6.89.7  ± 1.8ND
Wt(Str)57.9  ± 2.012.1  ± 1.01.4  ± 0.2
α6−/−(Str)53.8  ± 1.7−1.2  ± 0.8NA
  • Membranes were prepared from SC and striatum (Str) of Wt and α6−/− mice. αCtxMII-sensitive sites were measured using 10 μm unlabeled αCtxMII with 500 pm[3H]epibatidine. Each value represents the mean ± SEM of six separate experiments (expressed in femtomoles per milligram of protein). For Ki determination, data were fitted to a one site model (see Material and Methods). NA, Not applicable. ND, Not determined.