Table 1.

Concentration response data for WT, NR1-A7C, and NR2A-A7C 1-a

ConstructAgonistNMDA currentModification rate
NR1-A7C + NR2Al-glutamate1.
NR1 + NR2A-A7Cl-glutamate8.
  • F1-a Glycine current concentration–response curves were constructed by measuring the peak NMDA response to increasing concentrations of glycine in the presence of 100 μm of l-glutamate. Concentration–response curves for l-glutamate were generated in the presence of 100 μm glycine. Current–response curves to MTSEA modification were similarly constructed by measuring the rate of current potentiation induced by application of the MTSEA to the mutant constructs in the presence of increasing concentrations of one agonist while the co-agonist was held at saturating concentrations. The data were normalized and fit with the Hill equation (see Fig. 5 legend). NA, Not applicable.