Table 2.

Anatomical locations and Talairach coordinates of activations

Brain region, Brodmann areaCenter Talairach coordinates
Moral versus unpleasantxyz
 Right MedFG, 106571
 Right medial OFC, 111740−4
 Right posterior STS, 21/3941−4722
 Left posterior middle temporal  gyrus, 22/1944−649
 Left lateral occipital gyrus, 18/19−42−698
Unpleasant versus moral
 Right middle frontal gyrus, 45/46283824
 Right anterior insula282611
Moral versus neutral
 Right MedFG (frontopolar), 10655−1
 Right MedFG, 1084117
 Right medial OFC, 111742−7
 Right/left amygdala/midbrain17−11−6
 Right anterior STS, 21/38475−12
 Right/left posterior middle temporal  gyri, 22/1945−635
 Right/left fusiform gyri, 1940−45−14
 Right precuneus, 710−5543
 Left inferior occipital gyrus, 18−40−77−18
Unpleasant versus neutral
 Right inferior and middle frontal  gyri, 45/46411418
 Right/left amygdala/midbrain15−9−5
 Right thalamus/superior colliculus8−15−1
 Right anterior STS, 21/38433−15
 Right anterior insula30277
 Right lateral occipital/fusiform  gyri, 1943−64−2
 Left lateral occipital gyrus, 18/19−37−77−3
 Left fusiform gyrus, 19−40−55−17
 Left cerebellum−6−78−23
 Periaqueductal gray matter−2−28−2
 Right intraparietal sulcus, 727−8021