Table 1.

Maximally activated voxels in areas in which significant evoked activity was related to reward level

RegionLeft–rightBrodmann's areaTalairach coordsZ value
All-or-nothing response to reward
 Occipital gyrusR1939−84−126.44*
 Postcentral gyrusL3−52−27606.02*
 Superior temporal gyrusR38393−394.41
 Frontal poleR91563304.27
 Lateral OFCL11−3342−153.79
Increasing linearly with reward value
 Premotor cortexR61515573.82
Second-order relationship to reward value
 Anterior medial frontal cortexL8−642515.31*
 Medial OFCL10−360−94.28
 Lateral OFCL47−5127−123.99
  • * p < 0.05 corrected for multiple comparisons across the whole brain;

  • p < 0.05 indicates regions significant after small volume correction (Worsley et al., 1996); all other regions are p < 0.01 uncorrected.