Table 1.

Distribution of mRNA for TH, GAD, orexin receptors (OX1 and OX2), CB, and NPY in VTA neurons

Soma size (μm)OX1+OX2+OX1+OX2OX1OX2+OX1OX2
TH+GAD(n = 21)22.5  ± 0.8964754000501
TH+GAD+ (n = 5)21.2  ± 1.0101301101000
TH (n = 13)16.3  ± 1.0410530111401
  • Neurons were divided into 12 groups according to the presence of mRNA for TH, GAD, and orexin receptors. Number of cells in each group is shown in the columns labeled n and the number of cells colocalizing CB or NPY in the columns CB+ and NPY+, respectively. Some cells colocalized CB and NPY.