Table 2.

Correlation between activation parameters (impaired forelimb stimulation-induced ΔCBVmax[act.] in ipsilesional M1/S1fl; laterality index) and cerebral tissue injury (ADC and T2 in ipsilesional M1/S1fl; lesion size) and neurologic status (neurologic score) at 1 (1d), 3 (3d), and 14 d after stroke (14d)

ParameterΔCBVmax[act.]Laterality index
1 d3 d14 d1 d3 d14 d
Lesion size−0.188−0.858*−0.979*−0.826*−0.313−0.792
Neurologic score−0.359−0.224−0.535−0.239−0.671−0.343
  • Results are expressed by correlation coefficient values,r. All values are from parametric correlations, except for correlations with neurologic score, which were nonparametric.

  • *  p < 0.05.