Table 1.

Receptor-like protein tyrosine phosphatases obtained by RT-PCR

Number of clones DNA sequence identity (%) RPTP Accession number Orthologous mouse gene symbol
16 84 Rn rPTP-GMC1 NM_022925 Ptprq
12 100 Gg SCA AJ238216 N.D.
6 97 Gg Crypα L32780 Ptprs
6 87 Hs RPTPδ NM_130393 Ptprd
4 83 Mm LAR NM_011213 Ptprf
3 97 Gg PTPλ Z21960 Ptprc
1 84 Mm RPTP-κ NM_008983 Ptprk
1 99 Gg RPTPζ/β L27625 Ptprz1
  • Table summarizing the clones obtained from chick utricular maculas using RT-PCR with degenerate primers for RPTPs and their identity with known RPTPs. Rn, Rattus norvegicus; Gg, Gallus gallus; Hs, Homo sapiens; Mm, Mus musculus; N.D., no designated symbol.