Table 3.

Results of the functional connectivity analysis

RegionWord semWord recObject semObject rec
 Left VLPFC0.613-1510.633-1510.653-1510.673-151
 Left GOs0.713-1510.703-1500.923-1510.853-151
AD Patients
 Left VLPFC0.593-1510.523-1500.663-1510.653-151
 Left GOs0.903-1510.873-1510.873-1510.953-151
  • F3-150 Reliable at the 95% confidence interval;

  • F3-151 reliable at the 99% confidence interval. Correlations are between each variable and the brain scores from the LVs that characterized controls and patients, respectively. GOs, Superior occipital gyrus; sem, semantic task; rec, recognition task.