Table 5.

Common prefrontal areas from two experiments where increased activity is correlated with better memory performance in AD patients

GyrusHemBAxyzCurrent5-aFace working memory5-a
  • Coordinates are from the overlap of the bootstrap ratios from the current experiment and from a previously published face working memory experiment (Grady et al., 2001b), calculated by multiplying the two images. x (right/left), Negative values are in the left hemisphere; y (anterior/posterior), negative values are posterior to the zero point (located at the anterior commissure); z (superior/inferior), negative values are inferior to the plane defined by the anterior and posterior commissures. Hem, Hemisphere; R, right; L, left; BA, Brodmann's area; GF(i,m,d), frontal gyrus (inferior, middle, medial).

  • F5-a Salience/SE ratios from the separate analyses from the two experiments.