Table 1.

Demographic and neuropathological characteristics

Brain no.Primary neuropath DxOther neuropath DxBraak stageCortical NP1-aAgePMI (hr)
AD 01AD1-aAA (severe)VIFrequent833
AD 02AD1-aAA (severe)VIFrequent574
AD 03AD1-aAA (mild)VIFrequent783
AD 04AD1-aAA (mild), DLB (1/10)1-bVIFrequent804
AD 05AD1-aAA (moderate)VIFrequent789
AD 06AD1-aChronic subdural hematomaIVFrequent853
AD 07AD1-aAA (severe), old infarct right putamenVIFrequent794
AD 08AD1-aAA (mild), old infarct left basis pontisIVFrequent834
AD 09AD1-aInfarcts, right putamen (3 old);
Left thalamus (1 subacute)
Cntl 01Normal brain1-aModerate atherosclerosis, circle of Willis0None7218
Cntl 02Normal brain1-aPersistent posterior fetal circulation, bilaterally
Incidental choroid plexus cyst
Cntl 03Normal brain1-aModerate congestion of leptomeninges0None758
Cntl 04Normal brain1-aIncidental focal hypoplasia of corpus callosumIINone823
Cntl 05Normal brain1-aNoneINone745
Cntl 06Normal brain1-aAtherosclerosis, circle of Willis
Old infarcts cerebellar cortex, inferior olivary nucleus
Cntl 07Normal brain1-aSubacute infarct right brainstemINone746
Cntl 08Normal brain1-aNone0None535
p = (vs AD)0.210.22
NAD 01Pure DLB(7/10)1-bNoneINone6910
NAD 02Huntington'sStatus post evacuation subdural hematoma,
Atherosclerosis, circle of Willis
NAD 03Pick'sAtherosclerosis, circle of Willis0None664
NAD 04MND-inclusion
Severe cortical atrophy, atherosclerosis, circle of Willis0None758
NAD 05DLDHFMesial temporal sclerosisINone564
NAD 06DLB(6/10)1-bParkinson's diseaseINone878
p= (vs AD)0.110.05
  • NP, Neuritic plaques; PMI, postmortem interval; AD, Alzheimer's disease; AA, amyloid angiopathy; DLB, dementia with Lewy Bodies; SD, standard deviation; p = (vs AD), p values compared with corresponding values for AD cases; Cntl, control; NAD, demented, non-Alzheimer's disease; MND, motor neuron disease-inclusion dementia (Jackson et al., 1996); DLDHF, dementia lacking distinctive histologic features (Mann, 1998); neuropath; Dx, neuropathological diagnosis.

  • F1-a CERAD criteria (Mirra et al., 1991).

  • F1-b Scored according to consensus criteria (McKeith et al., 1996).