Table 1.

Forward and backward movement of EB3-GFP in neurons

Compartment DashesEB3-GFP displacementsDisplacements per dash1-d
na % f1-b% b1-cn% f% bfb
Hippocampal cultures
Proximal neurite26653511971294.93.9
Distal neurite1587135587123.73.5
Distal axon910003710004.1
Distal axon1-e47831713783172.92.9
Growth cone710002810004
PC cultures
Proximal dendrites54653514564362.62.7
Distal dendrites51752515174262.93
Axon 12010006510003.25
Axon 213851540831733.5
  • F1-a Number (n) of dashes observed.

  • F1-b Percentage (%) of forward (f) moving dashes.

  • F1-c Percentage (%) of backward (b) moving dashes.

  • F1-d EB3-GFP displacements per dash were calculated by dividing the number of displacements by the number of dashes. With an average acquisition time of 2.5 sec/frame and average velocity of 0.22 μm/sec, the average displacement per dash is ∼1.65 μm.

  • F1-e Distal axon near growth cone.