Table 2.

List of genes that changed < 1.5-fold but with high significance

Bold, gene is identified by more than one probe set Shading, unreported finding Accession number Microarray Brain region (with lowest p value) Other regions with significant change
Ratio p value
Neurofilament protein middle (NF-M) Z12152 1.26 4E-08 HA
Neurofilament protein; rat smallest (NF-L) M25638 1.49 2E-07 HA HC
EST 189694 normalized rat heart AA800197 0.69 4E-07 HA HC
EST 197783 normalized rat placenta AA893980 0.76 6E-06 HA HC
Beta-tubulin T β 15 (aa 1-445) X03369 1.27 1E-05 HC
Light molecular weight neurofilament AF031880 1.4 1E-05 HA HC
SH3-domain GRB2-like 1 A1010110 1.26 1E-05 HA
Sodium-dependent neurotransmitter transporter, ventral midbrain S56141 0.78 1E-05 HA
EST 195383 normalized rat kidney AA891580 0.67 2E-05 HC HA
Bcl-2 associated death agonist (BAD) AA818072 0.8 3E-05 HA HC
Phospholipase C-β 1 L14323 0.79 3E-05 HA
Neuron glucose transporter D13962 1.4 7E-05 FA
Phospholipase D gene 2 NM_033299 0.72 1E-04 HA HC
GABA-A receptor X51992 0.79 2E-04 HC HA
Diacylglycerol kinase S49760 1.37 4E-04 HC
Synapsin 2 M27925 1.34 4E-04 FC
Growth factor receptor bound protein 2 AA801130 1.23 5E-04 HC HA, FC
Glypican L02896 1.28 3E-03 HC FA, FC
Ras homolog enriched in brain A1009605 1.42 3E-03 HA HC
  • Columns are defined as in Table 1.