Table 1.

Model parameter values

Current gmax (mS/cm2) V1/2 (mV) k (mV) τ (msec)
INa,s[m∞,s(Vs)] 55 -40 3 NA
INaP,s[m,∞,s(Vs)] 0.14 -58.5 6 NA
IDr,s[ns(Vs)] 20 -40 3 0.39
INa,d[m,d(Vd)/hrd (Vd)] 3.1 -40/-52 5/-5 0.3/4.0
INaP,d[m∞,d(Vd)] 0.1 -58.5 6 NA
IDr,d[nd(Vd)/pd (Vd)] 35 -40/-65 5/-6 6/15
  • Both somatic (s) and dendritic (d) compartments contain the essential spiking currents; fast inward Na+ (INa,s, INa,d) and outward delayed rectifying (Dr) K+ (IDr,s, IDr,d) as well as persistent Na+ (INaP,s, INaP,d). The parameters for the steady state conductance curves for each current are the maximum conductance (gmax), half-deactivation voltage (V1/2), deactivation time constant (τ), and the deactivation slope (k). In the case of two entries under V1/2, τ, and k, the first value corresponds to the activation parameter and the second value to the deactivation parameter. NA, Not applicable.