Table 5.

Genes expressed in opposite directions after hypoxia in HIF-1αF/F and HIF-1αΔ/Δ

Probe set Gene title Avg ratio (FC) (WT:MUT) Avg chg p value (WT:MUT) Gene symbol
104217_at RIKEN cDNA 1110015E22 gene −2.1:2.6 2.09e-2:1.05e-2 1110015E22Rik
  • WT indicates HIF-1αF/F; MUT indicates HIF-1αΔ/Δ; Avg ratio (FC) indicates the average fold change; Avg chg p value is the p value (paired, two-tailed) calculated using the nonparametric Wilcoxon's signed rank test (relative).